Don't Despair - It's Fixable and We Can Do It for You

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning, we can bring order to chaos - and when flooding or water damage occurs in your home, it's often chaos.

A broken water heater, pipes that burst, or even flooding from heavy rains can create the kind of chaos in your home that requires immediate clean-up and restoration.

24/7 Emergency Services

That's why our expert technicians are on call to serve residents throughout the New York area 24 hours a day.

Our professionals have the experience and expertise to deal with water damage large or small.

We're on call in the Brooklyn area 24 hours a day, and will respond promptly for flooding or water damage calls. Standing water can wreak havoc on floors, and the damage can rapidly escalate. When you are faced with a water emergency, we'll be there for you.

Efficiency and Expertise

Our professional staff will handle your water emergency efficiently and expertly.

Our powerful extraction equipment removes water and moisture quickly, and our organic and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies can quickly restore and clean damaged areas.

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning staff members are thoroughly trained and have extensive experience in disaster clean-up - and in working with insurance companies.

Our friendly professionals will guide you through the claims process while restoring your home to a place of beauty and comfort. And we guarantee our results!

Minimize The Damage

Our services will immediately minimize the damage and get your repairs under way fast. We employ our own customized restoration process. Here's how it works:

Stage One

Within 15 minutes of your call to us, you'll have an experienced professional on the line to assess your emergency and provide advice on what you can do to minimize damage until our crew arrives at your home. That crew will be dispatched immediately to your home, and will include thoroughly trained and certified water-damage cleanup professionals.

Stage Two

As soon as they arrive at your house, our professional staff will use our powerful extraction system to pump out any freestanding water. We will also extract water from carpets, padding, and upholstery. If necessary, the damaged carpet and padding will be removed.

Stage Three

Our Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning staff will then use our special organic cleansers to thoroughly clean, disinfect, and dry your carpets, padding, and upholstery. We use only non-toxic and environmentally friendly products, and we'll carefully reinstall the cleaned items for you.

Stage Four

Our professional teams employ our state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a controlled drying process in order to minimize further damage or potential microbial growth. We will carefully monitor this drying process until it is complete and your water-damaged area is totally dry.

Stage Five

When our professionals have completed the project, we'll work together with you on a thorough job inspection and consultation. We want to ensure your total satisfaction - our reputation depends on it!

We welcome your questions and are happy to offer professional advice.

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