We'll Give New Life to Your Furniture

Our professional staff at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning can clean and restore your upholstered furniture.

A thorough cleaning and conditioning treatment for your furniture will enhance your comfort and appreciation of your home surroundings.

Your home furnishings are a major investment, and our cleaning system combines both power and meticulous care.

Restore That New Look & Feel

We can restore for you that brand-new look and feel, whether your furnishings are heirloom antiques, the latest trends, or thrift-store treasures.

We thoroughly train our staff and ensure their friendliness and professionalism.

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning staff are well versed in furniture manufacturers' standards, recommendations, and warranty requirements, and offer expertise in a broad range of fabric types - including silks, synthetics, velvets, cottons, and even leather and suede.

Ensure Longevity and Protection

We will recommend for you the cleaning treatments that will best ensure the longevity and protection of your furnishings. Our environmentally friendly and organic products are safe for your home and your family, with no harmful vapors or residue.

We will thoroughly remove all dirt and other materials from your furniture, leaving it fresh and deep-down clean - guaranteed.

Our Work Process

We employ our own customized furniture cleaning process. Here's how it works:

Stage One

The Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning process begins with a professional consultation. Our cleaning professionals will meet with you to assess your furniture's construction, fabric and style; we'll recommend the cleaning methods that best suit your furniture. We'll answer all your questions and offer our advice and recommendations tailored to your furnishings and home.

Stage Two

Our professional staff will carefully prepare the area where the cleaning is to be carried out, protecting the walls and floors and any nearby furnishings. If ineeded, a preliminary vacuuming will remove all loose dirt and other materials; we will then use our organic and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to pre-treat any stains or heavily soiled areas.

Stage Three

After our staff has prepped your furniture, our specialized organic cleaning solutions are used to penetrate the fabric surfaces and sanitize all folds and crevices. All of our environmentally friendly cleaning products are safe and non-toxic, yet strong enough to remove even the toughest stains. This will leave your upholstery deep-down clean, fresh smelling, and sanitized.

Stage Four

After we've thoroughly cleaned and renewed your upholstery, we'll apply our special fabric protectors, which extend the life of the fabrics and keep your furniture looking its best. We'll show you how, with only minimal care, you can maintain this brand-new look and fresh appearance.

Stage Five

After the cleaning process is concluded, our professional staff will consult with you for a final inspection and advice on caring for your refurbished furniture. We want to ensure your total satisfaction - our reputation depends on it!

We welcome your questions and are happy to offer professional advice; call or email us for a free in-home consultation!

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