Treating Every Rug Like an Heirloom

Every day at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning, we treat every rug with tender loving care - just like you would - whether the rug is new or an antique treasure.

Our cleaning supplies are top of the line - the gentlest and most environmentally safe products available today.

The Rug Expertise You Need

Our products, combined with our expertise and attention to detail, offer you the very best rug care available.

Area rugs are a significant investment in both the d�cor and comfort of your home. A beautiful area rug adds warmth, texture, and color to a room, increasing your comfort in and appreciation of your surroundings.

Special Care for Each Type of Rug

But an area rug needs special care, too - they're often exposed to heavy traffic, spills, or pet stains. We offer that special care, with the experience and expertise to back it up. The professionals at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning are thoroughly trained in the detailed care your area rugs need.

Not sure about the recommended care for your rugs? Just email or call us for a free consultation - we'll provide you with a professional and no-obligation analysis of your rugs, including the specific fibers, weaves, and dyes that make your rug unique. We'll offer our suggestions and advice for the best care available for your rugs.

Our Work Process

We use a customized and proven system that guarantees you hassle-free service. Here's how it works:

Stage One

Our professional staff will meet with you at your home for an inspection and analysis of your rugs. We'll go over with you the type of materials in your rugs, the condition of your rugs, and their current dye stability. We'll assess soiling and stains, and answer all your questions about recommended treatment and care. We can clean and condition your rugs in your home, or we can transport them to our service facility.

Stage Two

If you prefer in-home service, our professional staff will carefully prepare the area for cleaning. We'll remove your furniture and protect the floors and walls and nearby furnishings. We'll dry-vacuum each side of your rug, removing loose material including dirt, dust, sand, and even pet hair. We then pre-treat the rug's fibers to ensure removal of stains.

Stage Three

Our professionals will agitate your rug to loosen any soil or other materials that remain. We then apply our premium organic cleaning solutions, to deep-clean and refresh your rug in an environmentally friendly way. Next, we steam-clean and vacuum your rug for you, leaving it thoroughly refreshed and fully clean.

Stage Four

Our staff will finish your rug with our special refreshing treatment to clean and brighten the fringe. If you choose, we can also use our optional rug protectors and deodorizers to extend the life of your rug and maintain its luxurious appearance.

Stage Five

When our rug care process is complete, the Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning staff will consult with you for a final inspection and consultation. We want to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction - our reputation depends on it!

We welcome your questions and are happy to offer professional advice.

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